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Thursday, August 12th, 2004
7:08 pm - put the pen down
I'm torn between...
between you, me, and what's right
this isn't right
I stare at my celing
hoping that you'll float in the air above my bed
I see your face
you're there when I close my eyes
and I can't get you off my mind
you haunt me
and I hate you for it
I push you away
but you sneak in the back door
and I lift my blankets to invite you in
you're poison
kill me softly
but make me bleed
you won't forget me
I've planted myself inside of you
you'll twist and turn in agony
this isn't right
but it feels good to watch you fight
you laugh as I watch you suffer
you love it
I love you
I run away from your scent
this doesn't make sense
you love the way I hate you
it makes you who are
and it makes me who I'm not
this isn't right
I can save me
but I'd rather you watch me die
so you can smile
and throw my body under your bed
I will be in your dreams
and you'll love me
this isn't right
but I'm not putting up a fight
kill me softly
kill me loud
watch me bleed
it's you I need
not me

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Saturday, July 31st, 2004
1:36 am - randome insanity.... with lots of misspellings
So I was just thinking...
about friends olny journals.
And the whole reason that people claim for making a journal "friends only", is because they only* want the people who are close to them their friends* to read it. Not strangers

*friend ( P ) Pronunciation Key (frnd)
A person whom one knows, likes, and trusts.
A person whom one knows; an acquaintance.
A person with whom one is allied in a struggle or cause; a comrade.
One who supports, sympathizes with, or patronizes a group, cause, or movement: friends of the clean air movement.

*on·ly ( P ) Pronunciation Key (nl)
Alone in kind or class; sole: an only child; the only one left.
Standing alone by reason of superiority or excellence.

It doesn't seem to me that it works like that. You see... it's true that maybe a few people you're close to have a livejournal... just like you. So when you start writing in your journal, you add your best friend to your friends list. Theeeen... you know, you start browsing around in some other peoples journals, and you think this one person is interesting... or even attractive. Then you leave a comment on their entry, knowing that they will most likely comment back. Then... you know... you guys both add each other to your friends list, because you think that it would be cool. Then you start to do that some more.... and before you know it, it becomes a contest about who can make the most friends the quickest. And you don't wany anyone to read your journal unless they are on your fucking friends list. They aren't really your "friends"... just people. Most of the time you know nothing about you. Shiiiit. then the ones that you think might send you naked pictures, or might be interested in seeing you naked... you talk to...instant message. Then you start off by saying "I saw you on livejournal and you seem pretty cool/cute"... whatever. Theeeeen, soon enough you start talking about other things. Music... Ex girlfriends.... hair cuts.... whatever you can think of. Then for some reason.... you keep talking to the people that you think are attractive, and a few of the ones who aren't, but seem pretty cool.

current mood: crazy

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Thursday, July 29th, 2004
9:52 pm - searching for a door in a room with no walls
Tyler helped me realize that I can only write when I have a clear mind. So the passed 18 hours I've been clearing my mind. There's so many words and thoughts hiding behind my circumstances. Every now and then I can feel the emotions try to push themselves out and onto paper. But maybe somethings are just better locked away inside the deepest parts of your mind. I mean... maybe somethings will never come out, because they aren't ment to. And to let anyone else even try to understand would rape them of their true beauty that can only be seen by me. Or maybe these things I speak of don't even really exist.
Sometimes I think that my life has come to an all time low... and that really, everything passed this point is going to be just as pointless as the things leading to it. Why was I put here on this earth. To mearly take up space and question the meaning of my existance. I mean... there has gotta be someone or something up there watching me, and wondering what the hell went wrong. But at the same time... I know that I'm a beautiful person, I can feel it. I have so much to say... so much light to shed, yet I still feel like I don't have the right to... only because I myself am still in the darkness.
I know that there are different levels of intelligence... just as there are different levels of experience. Some of the things that I've been through are nothing short of unbelievable. And I sit here and listen to people praise me for making it. Well what the fuck else am I supposed to do? Honestly... there's no such thing as being a victum of circumstance. I mean... if you're family's poor... than you're poor, so I guess that makes you a victum.... but at the same time, if you're poor you're not given the right to sell crack to get money to feed your family. You save your family and destory mine. I don't buy it. Life is what you make it... you've gotta think for yourself. You were given this world you didn't make it. And yeah... some of us are delt one hell of a hand, but who cares really? Sympathy is pathetic. I will only tell the story if I think that there is a purpose. I hate when people look at me with puppy eyes and ask me if I need a hug. Fuck all that.
I know that I'm a hell of a lot smarter than people would like to give me credit for. You think that you're fooling me, but I knew what you were doing before you did. It's amazing how you can read people. The littlest things tell it all. It's sad beacause all of the things that I've allowed to happen to me, they were all predicted. I knew it was comming... but sometimes you have to go through those things so that you have a lesson to teach. It's those with no experience who sit there silent. I've got shit to say... and one day I will scream it. Untill then... I'll just sit here and let it all soak.
It can't rain everyday... that's what they say. But I mean... what if you really like the rain. You can let it ruin your day... or you can lift your head towards the sky and open your mouth.
It's crazy.... every person has a different story. Could you imagine... if everyone had their whole life story written on a tablet and hung on their back. And in the back of everyones head there was on of those court reporting typewriter machines... and as things happend.... more words were being added to your tablet. And whenever you met someone... you didn't talk to them, you just read the tablet.

current mood: optimistic

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Monday, July 5th, 2004
10:42 pm - the view from up here
Bartender I really did it this time...
Sooo... I got a job. But for some reason my grandparents are more excited about it than I am. Why is it that whenever I go into a place to get a job.... people look at me all cross eyed, like they've never seen a person that looks like me before.... either that, or everyone is just amazed by my stunning beauty. Yeah... that's what it is. I'm just beautiful. Ha... theeeen...
I walk into hot topic and they ask me if I want a job. Good lord... that makes me want to cry. Seriously. I remember when everyone at school use to make fun of me. Point and laugh as I walked by. Now.... they all ask if they can borrow my clothes. (not really, I haven't seen the kids I went to school with in a very long time..... but I hear stories).
Anyway... out of desperation, I took the job at hot topic. Livin' la vida broka' isn't all that fun. Dude... it's crazy, minimum wadge out here is $6.75. That's crazy. Probably because everything out here is so damn expensive. I would complain about gas prices right about here... but HOLY SHIT, I no longer have to worry about gas.... now do I. You don't have to put gas in a bike.
nah... I'm just kidding. I've been driving my grandpa's truck around. It makes me feel all powerful and such... that's untill I have to climb in. It has a 4 inch lift kit on it.... and no foot thingies. Yeah... for those of you that have seen me up close and personal (well... I guess it doesn't have to be personal)... you know that my legs aren't exactly the longest things in this world. It's kinda funny though. I'd pay to see it if I were you. I just need to carry around a little foot stool or something.
I went to the river for the 4th... I went with Clint and his red neck dad (plus all of his red neck buddies). I swear red necks crack me up. These guys are so stereotypical. They all have the worst farmers tans, and you never see any of them with out chew and a beer in their hand. And they all say "Git r done!!!!!" (Larry the cable guy..... I don't care who you are, that right there is funny). Oh man, I laughed the whole time. But we had to evacuate the river when a bunch of mexicans showed up.... apparently red necks don't like mexicans.(exsept when they are working for them) Randy threw a towel on me... then rushed me to the truck. It was funny.... but kinda sad at the same time. Everyone was just trying to have a good time. But.... I left with a sun burn. No fun.

It was so funny. I spent the night over at clints dad's house... and I fell asleep with about 3/4 of a cup of beer on the side of the bed, and when I woke up in the morning there was a field mouse swimming in the beer. I laaaauuuughed.... I went and dumpped the beer out out side, and that poor thing just laid there with its legs in the air. I'm not sure if he was dead.... or just passed out drunk. But I don't care who you are.... that right there is funny.

current mood: satisfied

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Monday, June 21st, 2004
1:44 pm - you're not gonna believe it...
holy cow... yesterday I got in a car accident. I no longer have a car, and my back is screwed up. It wasn't my fault, a lady ran a stop sign.

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Thursday, June 17th, 2004
7:02 pm - new hair color
title or description

title or description

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Wednesday, June 16th, 2004
8:51 pm - POPS! cosmo kitty.com!!!!!!!!!!
So.... I have a job interview on Monday at Hot Topic. Goodness, what a terrible job... I'm just laughing at myself, yet hanging my head low in disgust. But what can I say.... no one else will even hire me. I guess it's the hair... or something. But I also have an interview at Sally Beauty Supply. That would be a cool job... and I'm going to go to beauty school anyway, so I think it would be good experience. So... just keep your fingers crossed please. I know that I'll get hired at at least one of the places... if not both.
The weather is so beautiful here... between 70 and 75 all the time. Oh how I love it... and there's wild flowers all over the place. This really is a pretty little city.

I'm one step closer to finding Tyler Morris

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1:54 pm - me martini
How to make a

5 parts competetiveness

5 parts crazyiness

5 parts ego
Stir together in a glass tumbler with a salted rim. Add lovability to taste! Do not overindulge!

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Monday, June 14th, 2004
7:16 pm - the pen hits the paper.... and the magic begins
when it rains it pours. but the clouds have gotta clear sometime. it's so easy to hide behind something that doesn't really exist. a smile seems to cover up so much... but will the rain eventually make the paint wear thin... and let the tarnish shine through? people think that life's problems are so grand... and that they're not going to make it through the tribulation. I must say... I never cease to amaze myself.
I've got a lot of catching up to do.
there's a lot going on in this head of mine, and I'd love to write everything down... but you're going to have to read the book. I want to let everything out... but it doesn't really feel safe. not like there's anything anyone could do with this information that I hold in... but when you're so use to keeping your lips sealed out of obligation, even when it's okay to speak... you still feel as though you have to watch your back.
I know that I don't make sense to anyone... and sometimes I don't even make sense to myself, but the words aren't controlled... they just flow. sometimes I don't even know what I'm talking about.
I feel so bad for my brother... we're so much different, but we feel just the same. he's holding back... and keeping everything is, but his water is already boiling... and I know that he can't take anymore. he's a lit fuse... that's being ignored. people always seem to ignore the obvious... and make fabrications reality. what is wrong with this picture. who is running things around here.
I can't wait untill I can get away. it's sad... the people that I'm supposed to love the most... make me want to run away and never come back. I want to close my eyes and wish them all away. I'm not sure if everyone is actually as dumb as they act, or if they too are hiding behind something... trying to blacken the real world. ignorance is not a good cover up... ignorance in it's true form is simply bliss.
have you ever been so deep in water, that you can feel your ears pop... then you suddently realize that you're running out of air... and the surface seems so far away, then just as you're heart starts racing, your lungs start hurting, and you hear music climaxing.... you reach the top, and take the biggest breath of air your lungs can hold? I had a nightmare like that last night.... except, I couldn't see the light at the top of the water, it was pitch black.... and I was disoriented. It was so fucked. only because I can't swim...

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Thursday, February 26th, 2004
5:35 pm - big blue bug eyes
so... there's this boy that reminds me of a boy that I know (Drew Stone), and they even have the same first name... it's actually kinda creepy. And it's really weird because every time I am around this boy... I just stare. I'm sure that he notices, but really... I don't even care. All that is cool and all... but the thing is, I keep having dreams about this new Drew (he goes by Andrew). And I see him everyday, and I almost creepy myself out thinking about how I dream about him and we've never actually had a real conversation. I think the reason why I'm so "infatuated" with this boy is because I make him take on the personality of Drew Stone... and I would die to have that boy.
Moving on... I've noticed something... I've become quite different over the passed few months, mostly since I left Texas. I think that I've grown up a bit... but I'm not so sure that's a good thing in this instance, only because I almost feel like I've lost touch with the things that made me a good person... or at least fun to be around. I don't really keep up with the things that I used to... and the things that rarely ever crossed my mind have become a bit more important. The thing that's really bothering me is that I don't ever write anymore... and that's something that I used to believe was putting the air in my lungs. But going back and reading what I used to say... I notice that I never wrote about good times, everything was always negative... and that sad things is, that's how I really felt. And don't get me wrong... I think most would agree when I say that it was certainly well put... but it seemed like I was always so tortured. So I don't know if my lack of inspiration for writing is coming from my change of emotions... or if I just have writers block. It's quite a confusing thing to try and put into words.
So... there's a big event coming up, and it's something that I'm gonna have to do on my own... and it scares me. I don't really want to go into detail about what the event is... only because I think that some things are better left unknown to some people... but eventually, when the truth can be handled, I'll tell the whole freaking world. But yeah... it's very tormenting to be alone when you need someone the most. And I honestly haven't known the depth of that statement until now. But fuck it man... I'm strong.

I locked my keys in my car today... and I don't even own a spare set. So what does that mean??... that means that I had to get a hanger and break into my own car. But it wasn't even that easy... I couldn't unlock the door, because of the way that my car is.... so I had to roll down the window far enough so that I could reach my hand in and unlock it. And oh boy.... let me tell you, rolling down a window with a hanger isn't a bundle of fun.
Moral of the story?... don't lock your keys in the car

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Monday, February 9th, 2004
7:55 pm - it's been a while
so yeah.... I've been in Arizona, computerless for quite some time now. So here I sit at the library, checking my e-mail and all that jazz.
it's so weird being back here... having not talked to anyone since I left, and seeing people I know everywhere. They ask me how I've been... but I can tell that they don't really care.
I don't really talk to anyone from Texas anymore... which is kind of a bummer, cause I actually thought that I made some good friends dowm there... people can be so decieving.
There's a lot more to say.... but I don't really want to sit here and type anymore...

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Sunday, December 14th, 2003
9:59 am - blank
So... this was my last weekend in town. And next weekend it's off to Arizona once again. I'm not sure how long that's going to last, but oh well..... if nothing else, I'm just going to get my own place out there. Woo hoo... no more Texas for Christina Valero! No more lone star beer... no more tex-mex!! That's the first thing I'm going to do when I get to Phoenix... I'm going to go eat all of the mexican food my body can handle. But it's kinda weird moving again... I've moved so much that it doesn't seem like my life is very stable. But hell.... I'm young, and I've got a while to decide where I want to be for the rest of my life and such.

Things I'm going to miss: the train tracks by my house, the house of pies, Shannon, houston police, fitzgeralds (even though it's so lame, I've seen so many good bands there!), Oishii (the sushi place downt the street... so good and sooooo cheap), knowing that one day I might run into Tyler Morris (I've been saveing a few words for him), the bayou city boot boys (haha.... Cam, Ben, and Josh.... even though you guys are assholes, you're fine entertainment), my balcony (I love the town house that I live in), MY JOB!!!!, Chloe Lux (the first girl i met when I moved out here.... you help me out in so many ways...) and last but not least.... Yates Robertson (holy shit I love this kid.... but I might just make him pack his bags and come with me)

Things that I'll be glad to miss: the roaches, the weather, most of the people, the shitty roads, the traffic, the way that everyone drives, Fat cats (lame lame lame), Popeys Chicken, the accents, the cajun food, the texas pledge, TEX-MEX, aaaaand.... well, I can't think of anymore.

The good out weighs the bad.... so I guess I'm going to miss it here. Oh well

I got two new tattoos!!... I'll post pictures later. I figured I might as well get something that I can show for being here. God bless Texas!

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Wednesday, October 29th, 2003
4:51 pm - what goes up... must come down
why does it hurt so bad??
it's almost halloween, why am I not happy?
happiness should come as easy as chocolate bars.

I miss you Drew...

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Wednesday, October 1st, 2003
6:25 pm - take a look behind your shoulder
It's good to write things down, you know? Cause I've been looking back at things I've written.... things from as far as 3 or 4 years ago. and you know.... I've changed so much. I've acutally grown up, and lordy how I didn't think that was ever going to happen. I mean... at 8 years old, I was already thinking about writing a book. and I'm sure I could've done it too. there would've been a lot of spelling to be corrected.... but I certainly had enough to say, and I thought that was going to be the hight of my maturity. I wonder how it happens.... growing up. I mean... do you just wake up one day wiser or different in some way?? Or do the people you meet gradually teach you things that you don't even know you're learning? Eh.... too much to think about. me and my philosophical ways. Hahaha.

So.... my brother got kicked out of school.... AGAIN, cause he's just cool like that. And for some reason... him in his retarded way of thinking... thought that it would be cool to sting someone with a stun gun! yeah... cause I guess that's what all the cool kids are doing in high school these days. Lordy... get out of there as soon as you can if that's the case. But I guess he didn't think he'd get in trouble or something. But yeah.... so now, he has to go to some kinda' trouble maker school... where I'm sure he'll meet some really nice kids who will point him in the right direction and make sure that he goes to church every weekend. Which reminds me... alright.... if going to church makes you a Christian, then does going to a garage make you car??? NO??.... I didn't think so.

Friday night.... melissa's house. Oh lordy

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Tuesday, September 30th, 2003
4:35 pm - Optional
Once again... it's been a while since I've had anything to say, or at least anything that I felt like saying. There really isn't a whole lot going on, I'm just working.... and all that jazz. But I've also been thinking a lot. somtimes I think that I would be better off if I didn't have a brain, it can be such an impliment of torture sometimes. But I've been keeping busy, and usually that can stall me from thinking.... untill I have one quite night alone and everything hits me all at once. I was talking to Nolen last night about all the things that have happend this year... and lordy, there's been so many things that could've caused me to just give up all together. But for some reason i've held on... or at least kept my head above water. I wonder why people do that sometimes. Hold on... without a real reason. But I guess you can always think that things will get better. But things seem to be staying the same. each day comes with some new obstical or trial to get through. And you have to overcome them to the best of your ability. But I question what ability I used to hold on through some of the aweful tribulations that have come my way. And I know that wouldn't make sense to anyone who doesn't know what goes on in my life everyday. But I don't have to justify it. But it's all part of growing up.

On a lighter note... I got a new kitty. Her name is cosmo. she's the cuttest thing in the whole world.

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Saturday, August 30th, 2003
12:13 am - no subject needed
does anyone else have a job that leaves them feeling like they'd like to strangle a 6 year old at the end of the day??... man oh man, things have gotta change around here. Drunk uncles talking about absolutly nothing.... over and over again. Not getting paycheacks! (what the hell is up with that one???.... do I have "will work for absolutly nothing" tattooed on my forehead?)Grandparents that tell me that my action don't make me who I am. And then... having dreams about living in trees. Which reminds me.... the air conditioner in my car is completely broken, and let me tell you.... the heat is a bitch. AND... I got a parking ticket yesterday. $30 more dollars that I DON'T have. Gosh, I hate money. It's paper with a few significant signitures on it..... let's talk about over rated people. And it isn't even laminated.
My lips are chapped.... from lack of kissing I do believe. I tell you, I might as well take an oath of celibicy.... then at least there would be a reason why I remain sexless. Being lonely isn't a good enough reason these days. It's kinda scarey though.... cause I woke up this morning with really really sore legs. I mean... it hurts for me to walk up stairs, and squating is a total bitch. So I'm wondering if I like.... I had amazing sex, but someone sliped me the date rape drug or something.... so I'll never know about it. (hmmm.... pretend I didn't just say any of that).
I need to meet some new people.... exciting people. Everyone I know is so boring. But I guess that's life as I know it.

I'm getting a new record player on Monday. %50 off at second blessing. I'm so excited.

ooooh man.... one more exciting thing. I came home from work tonight, and I blew my nose. (this is where it gets gorey).... and my snot was purple. No shit. At first I was freaked out, but then I realized it's from all of the stuff I spray in the girls hair at work. You know what I'm talking about.... that colored hair spray. Well we use pink and blue.... and I guess that I forget to not breathe when I'm spraying it, so it goes up my nose. Pink + Blue = purple. Kinda weird, ay??

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Tuesday, July 29th, 2003
1:32 pm - sometimes you just have to slam the door on your way out
Once again things are changing... but I'm finding it easier to sleep every night. People come and go, things go then come back again. And as usual... I never make sense to anyone but myself, but that's okay cause I'm doing this for me..... RIGHT?? For some reason I've been thinking about last year alot. Just everything that I had... everything that happend, what seemed to be the neverending drama of my life. It was comforting at times. But everytime I'm in Phoenix the drama never ceases to ignite itself again. For instance..... Suzanne (who's barely 15), took her moms car out today... thinking she was cool or something. And the dumb bitch was stoned (as usual), and she's never been able to handle her high.... well, that's no good when you're driving a car (a stolen one at that). And I guess she was trying to show off to the poor boy sitting in the passanger seat, and was speeding around a corner and hit this 4 wheel drive truck. Oh... and that's not the worst part.... the car that suzanne was driving didn't have insurance, and she wrecked it beyond repair. Thank god no one was hurt. But still.... I don't think she's ever gonna get her licence. And of course her mom had to call me and ask me to drive down there and pick suzanne up because she was afraid that she'd kill her. I don't know... it seems like there's always something going on in this little family. And to think that I missed The Virus show for this. Oh lordy.
My friend Court wants me to go with him to this place called hamburger mary's tonight. (I guess it's some gay hamburger joint), and he dressed up in drag every tuesday and him and all of my old friends go and sing and such. So I'm thinking that may be fun, I just don't know if I want to see all of the old phoenix kids. Most of them are up to no good.... so I've heard.

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Wednesday, July 9th, 2003
5:10 pm - talking extinction to death
I don't know if it's been so long only because I haven't had time.... or if I just think that nothing really matters that much anymore. A lot is going on though, most things that are to remain unsaid. But even so.... my mind seems to be somewhere else, alomst to the point of me not focusing on very important issues. The last few months have been so hectic... but nothing exciting has really happend.

I've been working a lot, and I do belive that I've come to the conclution that I my friends... am just not working class. I guess I've gotta do what I've gotta do. I just can't wait to get out of here and finish school that I don't feel so trapped by my future. Everything is going to be okay... and I won't settle for less than the best, but things have just gotta start moving.

The summer is almost over and I don't know where I'm going to go to school next year. And honestly... I just wanna go somewhere where I can concentrate on my writting. I've been getting a lot of really good advice from people I'm very close to about my writting. And everyone says that they know I have the talent, and that I just need to keep my thoughts more orginized. But you see.... there's a little problem with that.... I write down exactly what is on my mind, at exactly that moment.... and sometimes I guess that I don't think in an orginized manner. I write for myself and no one else.... but I suppose if I want to get published, I better start writting for readers.

talk my extinction to death, while watching the tick tick tock of the hand that belongs to the face of the moon on the grandfather clock.

I've been having very weird dreams lately, and when I wake up..... I'm sweaty and tingely. I'll give you two guesses what that means....

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Tuesday, June 17th, 2003
5:25 pm - randomness
She turned her head to walk away. The pain radiated from her pores. She could feel her heart getting weak. And the words began to float in the air like a fine mist. Nothing made sense anymore. Everything became the blur that it had always been. The obvious had rose up from under the oppression and ignorance. What is there to do now? Knowledge is the only thing that can create power. But is power needed in a world where there is no control. Everything has its destiny. Objects take their place without even knowing that that’s where they were going to be all along. Her mind told her that things were different. But she wasn’t prepared for the fall of those around her. The shaking won’t stop, and the blood will not be damned. Where’s the equilibrium now. The puzzle has been torn apart, and nothing will ever be the same. The pieces have fell to the floor, and no one is there to pick them up. Everyone is hiding in their caves, mutilating and trying to reroute their fate. She knows that it’s too late to make the sky blue, or to make the water calm. Chaos surrounds the untouchable. Her eyes begin to fill will liquid, tears don’t exist, and emotion has mutated into destruction. What is this that is playing god. What is this that is making people run away. She becomes consumed in solitude, this isn’t the way it’s supposed to be. She touches herself to make sure that she still exists. But her finger tips are numb, and her body is floating somewhere between here and the end. This is going to be the last chapter, and you can’t walk backwards. She should’ve stayed where she knew fear couldn’t seep in. But she was chased away by the thought of change. Nothing will ever be different. Solitude is lonely, and loneliness is the pit of humyn kind. She begins to drift into a state of sedation, and the warmth of the darkness makes her cold body quiver. Except the unaccepted. There isn’t anymore existence, merely loneliness dressed to kill, stained in the blood of the victims of the past. When will the future loose it’s strife and suffering. When will she realize that’s it’s all her fault.

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Wednesday, May 21st, 2003
6:49 pm - welcome to the jungle..... look at the guns-n-roses
Change... it's such a fucking hard pill to swallow. But yet it never stops... just when you think the pill is almost down, it rises to your throat. I speak such madness. And the thing is.... I can't stop. I walk down the street and I reach for my notebook every 3 minutes. Things jump out... things that can only be caught once.
I really need to buy a tape recorder... and just start recording everything so I can get it caught at the exact moment.... so it can almost be frozen in time. Spoke by the same voice over and over again. With no change. The harsh pill stays down.
My mind is so weird.... it amuses me but also drives me crazy. It pulls in so many different directions that it almost causes it rush like bliss. Bliss.... in a kiss. That's what it's all about. Or was all about. That one kiss that makes you weak in the knees.... *le sigh`*. It's great... it's a drive. But it's driven away. Never...
Not gonna happen. Repeat everything that was said... and leave out the lies. It seems to be a tad bit quiet in here. Just get out. Lay your silence elsewhere.

!!!!!I caaaaan't take you anywhere.... cause you've got PURPLE HAIR, and eeeeverywhere we gooo the people stare.
I don't want you to be my punk rock girl, I don't want you to be my punk rock girl, I don't want you near me punk rock girls!!!!!

don't listen to what I say... pretend it was just a dream sent as a sign that isn't to be mentioned.

I'm fucking losing. It was said to happen. Where is the exit?

I will not dig myself down underground, just because you tell me that death is comming around. When I die... I will hold my head up high.

current mood: weird

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