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welcome to the jungle..... look at the guns-n-roses

Change... it's such a fucking hard pill to swallow. But yet it never stops... just when you think the pill is almost down, it rises to your throat. I speak such madness. And the thing is.... I can't stop. I walk down the street and I reach for my notebook every 3 minutes. Things jump out... things that can only be caught once.
I really need to buy a tape recorder... and just start recording everything so I can get it caught at the exact moment.... so it can almost be frozen in time. Spoke by the same voice over and over again. With no change. The harsh pill stays down.
My mind is so weird.... it amuses me but also drives me crazy. It pulls in so many different directions that it almost causes it rush like bliss. Bliss.... in a kiss. That's what it's all about. Or was all about. That one kiss that makes you weak in the knees.... *le sigh`*. It's great... it's a drive. But it's driven away. Never...
Not gonna happen. Repeat everything that was said... and leave out the lies. It seems to be a tad bit quiet in here. Just get out. Lay your silence elsewhere.

!!!!!I caaaaan't take you anywhere.... cause you've got PURPLE HAIR, and eeeeverywhere we gooo the people stare.
I don't want you to be my punk rock girl, I don't want you to be my punk rock girl, I don't want you near me punk rock girls!!!!!

don't listen to what I say... pretend it was just a dream sent as a sign that isn't to be mentioned.

I'm fucking losing. It was said to happen. Where is the exit?

I will not dig myself down underground, just because you tell me that death is comming around. When I die... I will hold my head up high.
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