Christina (mysticoddessy) wrote,

sometimes you just have to slam the door on your way out

Once again things are changing... but I'm finding it easier to sleep every night. People come and go, things go then come back again. And as usual... I never make sense to anyone but myself, but that's okay cause I'm doing this for me..... RIGHT?? For some reason I've been thinking about last year alot. Just everything that I had... everything that happend, what seemed to be the neverending drama of my life. It was comforting at times. But everytime I'm in Phoenix the drama never ceases to ignite itself again. For instance..... Suzanne (who's barely 15), took her moms car out today... thinking she was cool or something. And the dumb bitch was stoned (as usual), and she's never been able to handle her high.... well, that's no good when you're driving a car (a stolen one at that). And I guess she was trying to show off to the poor boy sitting in the passanger seat, and was speeding around a corner and hit this 4 wheel drive truck. Oh... and that's not the worst part.... the car that suzanne was driving didn't have insurance, and she wrecked it beyond repair. Thank god no one was hurt. But still.... I don't think she's ever gonna get her licence. And of course her mom had to call me and ask me to drive down there and pick suzanne up because she was afraid that she'd kill her. I don't know... it seems like there's always something going on in this little family. And to think that I missed The Virus show for this. Oh lordy.
My friend Court wants me to go with him to this place called hamburger mary's tonight. (I guess it's some gay hamburger joint), and he dressed up in drag every tuesday and him and all of my old friends go and sing and such. So I'm thinking that may be fun, I just don't know if I want to see all of the old phoenix kids. Most of them are up to no good.... so I've heard.
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