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does anyone else have a job that leaves them feeling like they'd like to strangle a 6 year old at the end of the day??... man oh man, things have gotta change around here. Drunk uncles talking about absolutly nothing.... over and over again. Not getting paycheacks! (what the hell is up with that one???.... do I have "will work for absolutly nothing" tattooed on my forehead?)Grandparents that tell me that my action don't make me who I am. And then... having dreams about living in trees. Which reminds me.... the air conditioner in my car is completely broken, and let me tell you.... the heat is a bitch. AND... I got a parking ticket yesterday. $30 more dollars that I DON'T have. Gosh, I hate money. It's paper with a few significant signitures on it..... let's talk about over rated people. And it isn't even laminated.
My lips are chapped.... from lack of kissing I do believe. I tell you, I might as well take an oath of celibicy.... then at least there would be a reason why I remain sexless. Being lonely isn't a good enough reason these days. It's kinda scarey though.... cause I woke up this morning with really really sore legs. I mean... it hurts for me to walk up stairs, and squating is a total bitch. So I'm wondering if I like.... I had amazing sex, but someone sliped me the date rape drug or something.... so I'll never know about it. (hmmm.... pretend I didn't just say any of that).
I need to meet some new people.... exciting people. Everyone I know is so boring. But I guess that's life as I know it.

I'm getting a new record player on Monday. %50 off at second blessing. I'm so excited.

ooooh man.... one more exciting thing. I came home from work tonight, and I blew my nose. (this is where it gets gorey).... and my snot was purple. No shit. At first I was freaked out, but then I realized it's from all of the stuff I spray in the girls hair at work. You know what I'm talking about.... that colored hair spray. Well we use pink and blue.... and I guess that I forget to not breathe when I'm spraying it, so it goes up my nose. Pink + Blue = purple. Kinda weird, ay??
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