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So... this was my last weekend in town. And next weekend it's off to Arizona once again. I'm not sure how long that's going to last, but oh well..... if nothing else, I'm just going to get my own place out there. Woo hoo... no more Texas for Christina Valero! No more lone star beer... no more tex-mex!! That's the first thing I'm going to do when I get to Phoenix... I'm going to go eat all of the mexican food my body can handle. But it's kinda weird moving again... I've moved so much that it doesn't seem like my life is very stable. But hell.... I'm young, and I've got a while to decide where I want to be for the rest of my life and such.

Things I'm going to miss: the train tracks by my house, the house of pies, Shannon, houston police, fitzgeralds (even though it's so lame, I've seen so many good bands there!), Oishii (the sushi place downt the street... so good and sooooo cheap), knowing that one day I might run into Tyler Morris (I've been saveing a few words for him), the bayou city boot boys (haha.... Cam, Ben, and Josh.... even though you guys are assholes, you're fine entertainment), my balcony (I love the town house that I live in), MY JOB!!!!, Chloe Lux (the first girl i met when I moved out here.... you help me out in so many ways...) and last but not least.... Yates Robertson (holy shit I love this kid.... but I might just make him pack his bags and come with me)

Things that I'll be glad to miss: the roaches, the weather, most of the people, the shitty roads, the traffic, the way that everyone drives, Fat cats (lame lame lame), Popeys Chicken, the accents, the cajun food, the texas pledge, TEX-MEX, aaaaand.... well, I can't think of anymore.

The good out weighs the bad.... so I guess I'm going to miss it here. Oh well

I got two new tattoos!!... I'll post pictures later. I figured I might as well get something that I can show for being here. God bless Texas!
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