Christina (mysticoddessy) wrote,

POPS! cosmo!!!!!!!!!!

So.... I have a job interview on Monday at Hot Topic. Goodness, what a terrible job... I'm just laughing at myself, yet hanging my head low in disgust. But what can I say.... no one else will even hire me. I guess it's the hair... or something. But I also have an interview at Sally Beauty Supply. That would be a cool job... and I'm going to go to beauty school anyway, so I think it would be good experience. So... just keep your fingers crossed please. I know that I'll get hired at at least one of the places... if not both.
The weather is so beautiful here... between 70 and 75 all the time. Oh how I love it... and there's wild flowers all over the place. This really is a pretty little city.

I'm one step closer to finding Tyler Morris
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