Christina (mysticoddessy) wrote,

put the pen down

I'm torn between...
between you, me, and what's right
this isn't right
I stare at my celing
hoping that you'll float in the air above my bed
I see your face
you're there when I close my eyes
and I can't get you off my mind
you haunt me
and I hate you for it
I push you away
but you sneak in the back door
and I lift my blankets to invite you in
you're poison
kill me softly
but make me bleed
you won't forget me
I've planted myself inside of you
you'll twist and turn in agony
this isn't right
but it feels good to watch you fight
you laugh as I watch you suffer
you love it
I love you
I run away from your scent
this doesn't make sense
you love the way I hate you
it makes you who are
and it makes me who I'm not
this isn't right
I can save me
but I'd rather you watch me die
so you can smile
and throw my body under your bed
I will be in your dreams
and you'll love me
this isn't right
but I'm not putting up a fight
kill me softly
kill me loud
watch me bleed
it's you I need
not me
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