Christina (mysticoddessy) wrote,


She turned her head to walk away. The pain radiated from her pores. She could feel her heart getting weak. And the words began to float in the air like a fine mist. Nothing made sense anymore. Everything became the blur that it had always been. The obvious had rose up from under the oppression and ignorance. What is there to do now? Knowledge is the only thing that can create power. But is power needed in a world where there is no control. Everything has its destiny. Objects take their place without even knowing that that’s where they were going to be all along. Her mind told her that things were different. But she wasn’t prepared for the fall of those around her. The shaking won’t stop, and the blood will not be damned. Where’s the equilibrium now. The puzzle has been torn apart, and nothing will ever be the same. The pieces have fell to the floor, and no one is there to pick them up. Everyone is hiding in their caves, mutilating and trying to reroute their fate. She knows that it’s too late to make the sky blue, or to make the water calm. Chaos surrounds the untouchable. Her eyes begin to fill will liquid, tears don’t exist, and emotion has mutated into destruction. What is this that is playing god. What is this that is making people run away. She becomes consumed in solitude, this isn’t the way it’s supposed to be. She touches herself to make sure that she still exists. But her finger tips are numb, and her body is floating somewhere between here and the end. This is going to be the last chapter, and you can’t walk backwards. She should’ve stayed where she knew fear couldn’t seep in. But she was chased away by the thought of change. Nothing will ever be different. Solitude is lonely, and loneliness is the pit of humyn kind. She begins to drift into a state of sedation, and the warmth of the darkness makes her cold body quiver. Except the unaccepted. There isn’t anymore existence, merely loneliness dressed to kill, stained in the blood of the victims of the past. When will the future loose it’s strife and suffering. When will she realize that’s it’s all her fault.
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