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the view from up here

Bartender I really did it this time...
Sooo... I got a job. But for some reason my grandparents are more excited about it than I am. Why is it that whenever I go into a place to get a job.... people look at me all cross eyed, like they've never seen a person that looks like me before.... either that, or everyone is just amazed by my stunning beauty. Yeah... that's what it is. I'm just beautiful. Ha... theeeen...
I walk into hot topic and they ask me if I want a job. Good lord... that makes me want to cry. Seriously. I remember when everyone at school use to make fun of me. Point and laugh as I walked by. Now.... they all ask if they can borrow my clothes. (not really, I haven't seen the kids I went to school with in a very long time..... but I hear stories).
Anyway... out of desperation, I took the job at hot topic. Livin' la vida broka' isn't all that fun. Dude... it's crazy, minimum wadge out here is $6.75. That's crazy. Probably because everything out here is so damn expensive. I would complain about gas prices right about here... but HOLY SHIT, I no longer have to worry about gas.... now do I. You don't have to put gas in a bike.
nah... I'm just kidding. I've been driving my grandpa's truck around. It makes me feel all powerful and such... that's untill I have to climb in. It has a 4 inch lift kit on it.... and no foot thingies. Yeah... for those of you that have seen me up close and personal (well... I guess it doesn't have to be personal)... you know that my legs aren't exactly the longest things in this world. It's kinda funny though. I'd pay to see it if I were you. I just need to carry around a little foot stool or something.
I went to the river for the 4th... I went with Clint and his red neck dad (plus all of his red neck buddies). I swear red necks crack me up. These guys are so stereotypical. They all have the worst farmers tans, and you never see any of them with out chew and a beer in their hand. And they all say "Git r done!!!!!" (Larry the cable guy..... I don't care who you are, that right there is funny). Oh man, I laughed the whole time. But we had to evacuate the river when a bunch of mexicans showed up.... apparently red necks don't like mexicans.(exsept when they are working for them) Randy threw a towel on me... then rushed me to the truck. It was funny.... but kinda sad at the same time. Everyone was just trying to have a good time. But.... I left with a sun burn. No fun.

It was so funny. I spent the night over at clints dad's house... and I fell asleep with about 3/4 of a cup of beer on the side of the bed, and when I woke up in the morning there was a field mouse swimming in the beer. I laaaauuuughed.... I went and dumpped the beer out out side, and that poor thing just laid there with its legs in the air. I'm not sure if he was dead.... or just passed out drunk. But I don't care who you are.... that right there is funny.
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